Welcome to the unsupported stuff. In actual fact, it's all unsupported stuff. I don't have anything that provides any support, accepts any blame, or does any dishes to, from, about, within, without, etc, you. Or me. Or my "documents". All I can say is that they were all written by me at some time or another and therefore could be a little nasty. What the hey, it's life and we all change in time don't we? Especially you. That beard *really* suits you although the false nose is a bit over the top! (You didn't think I could see that did you? There's cameras everywhere. BEHIND YOU! Only joking!) It's in front of you, disguised as your reflection.

Your unsupported unsupported stuff options are:

The Other Nite

A quick Note: Sometimes I'll get a piece of email asking me where a certain thing I posted to news is, as it isn't listed above. The Answer is: SOME things I don't like at *ALL* any more, some things I've lost, and some things were just posted on-the-fly to news without my attention to the little detail of taking a copy. So, if it's here, it's here; if it's not, it's not.

In the words of KurtV... "So it goes"