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Welcome to Bloke-Haven

It's not fashionable any more, and ain't politically correct, but who gives a six-pack of JK-Light, Welcome to the Kiwi-Blokes page, a page to celebrate the good things about owning a rusty ute, a slab of Lion Red, and your own set of clippers.

REAL Kiwi Blokes are being marginalised left right and centre these days, and it's time that this part of Kiwi culture was saved, or at least preserved, for future generations to look back on (and think how bloody good it used to be, before the greasy SNAGs came along.)

The opinions expressed in this page are unlikely to be those of this Institution, nor necessarily those of the author. They are intended to be humourous, however, there's always one or two who will spoil it for normal people.

Beware of imitations! REAL Kiwi Blokes can be determined in several specific ways, and it pays to be cautious of pretenders to the art...

The Bloke Questionairre
Being a Bloke - How to take a leak
Being a Bloke - How to take a dump
Being a Bloke - Drinking
Being a Bloke - A Bloke's Car
Being a Bloke - Getting Crook
Being a Bloke - Clothes
Being a Bloke - Driving
Being a Bloke - Sheila's Gossip
Being a Bloke - Hobbies
A Bloke's Mum
Bloke's Answers to tough questions
Problems? Check with the Bloke's Advisor
Winners of the MBSNZ (from the Kiwi Bloke Honours List)
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