Chapter 1

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I first began writing the Navero series in October 1989, until I was
forced to stop due to my graduation from college.  I would like to
continue the adventure now, but as the story last saw light some three
years ago, I think it would be best if I were to repost the old
chapters so that new readers may catch up with the story.  They have
been re-written to some degree, but are essentially unchanged from
their former incarnation.  Without further ado...

                            *     *     *

     The story began when Navero, as a little first level clericling,
was asked to leave his monastery by his superiors to carry the faith
out into the world.  Navero was a foundling, discovered on the steps
of the Monastery of St. Glajmir as a baby, and was raised in the Order
with the idea of eventually become a Defender (a warrior priest.)  The
Order, as one might guess from the title, is quite Lawful Good, and on
the whole peaceful, but it recognizes the value of acting as a shield
for the people, countering the forces of evil directly.  Navero did
not take to his training quite so well as the other aspirants did.

Priest: "...ours is the way of life, of peace with our brothers and
     sisters, a shield of peace from the enemies of goodness."

Navero: "Father Angor?  Why are some people enemies?"

Angor: "It is because they will not listen to the wisdom of the Lords.
     We follow the Lords of the Correct and Unalterable Way, and must
     spread their light through the world, and bring peace and harmony
     to all who will listen.  I've gone over this before."

Navero: "But Father Inditio says that some people are evil because
     they follow evil gods."

Angor: "You are correct, o persistently obstinate one.  Their gods
     hold them in their power, and mislead them into unhealthy ways."

Navero: "But the Lords are correct, so why don't the other Gods listen
     to the Lords?  I mean, if they were foolish or short-sighted,
     they wouldn't be very good gods, and no one would follow them,
     but if they're not foolish, they would listen to Lords.  Why?"

Angor: "Oh, sit down."

     Anyway, it eventually became clear that Navero probably wouldn't
make a very good Defender, but it was decided that he should go out
into the world anyway, so he could experience all it had to offer for
himself, and give his superiors some peace; perhaps experience and a
few hearty clouts to the head would teach him what his teachers could
not.  And so, our hero was sent on his way - he was given a horse, a
mace of the Order, a pack of supplies, and a travelling companion.  A
small half-elven mage named Dania had stopped at the monastery to buy
some holy water; she had been unable to afford it, and was asked, in
lieu of payment, to accompany Navero for a ways to make sure he didn't
get lost.  Always willing to save money, she agreed.  It may not have
been the wisest thing for her to do.

Navero: "What are they doing over there?"

Dania: "Hitching an ox to a plow."

Navero: "Does it like that?  It's not moving.  Aren't bulls real angry
     all the time?  It says, 'Do not admire the bull his strength, or
     the wolf his speed, for both are coupled to rage at all things.'
     Isn't the bull supposed to pull it?  Why hasn't it started yet?"

Dania: "`Cause the plowman's not steering the plow yet."

Navero: "How does it know?  Does he tell it?  How does it know which
     way?  Hey, there's a bunch of wagons coming up the road over
     there!  Who are those people?"

Dania: "Buncha merchants.  What's with you, anyway?"

Navero: "Huh?"

Dania: "When's the last time you were out here?"

Navero: "Last time?  Uh...  I haven't been.  Can we go look at the

Dania: "You've been in that monastery your whole fucking life?"

Navero: "Uh... yes.  Why do they have all those bright colors painted
     all over the wagons?  Are they trying to decorate them?"

Dania: (Sigh.) "It's so people will notice them.  No more questions,
     ok?  I'm not here to answer all your stupid questions."

Navero: "Oh.  I'm sorry, I didn't mean to offend.  I'm sorry."

Dania: "Yeah, sure."

Navero: "Uh... can I ask one more question?"

Dania: "What?"

Navero: "Where are we going?"

Dania: "An inn.  A place where people stay at night."

Navero: "But it isn't night."

Dania: "Will be when we get there."

Navero: "Oh!  I've never been to an inn.  What are they like?"

Dania: "Never mind.  You'll see."

     By nightfall, they arrived at the inn.  This inn served as the
main social center for the area, and was quite crowded.  They stabled
their horses, and Navero tried to ask Dania about stables, but she was
striding very purposefully towards the tavern, so he followed her to
see what she was doing.  She knew everything about these places, and
Navero was sure he could ask her more questions, if he just was more
polite.  She wasn't as patient as the fathers of the Order, although
she didn't look heavenward and mumble like they did sometimes.  Navero
walked into the inn, and received the shock of his young life.  Here
it was nearly dusk, and here were all kinds of people sitting around,
not finishing the days work!  And there were women there, and some of
them were in indecent clothing!  And there were colors and smells and
everyone was drinking stuff that Navero realized must be spirituous
liquors, and people wearing swords and armor and things, and singing
impious songs, and shouting and laughing and slapping women on the...
This must be one of those dens of iniquity, filth and sin that Father
Gulucios had preached about!  This must be stopped!

     Navero stood up on a table and began to preach.  He wasn't nearly
as good as Father Gulucios - a big man with a beard and a scar on his
face knocked Navero down, and then some other people started tossing
him around the room, and everyone was laughing at him.  Then he landed
on a VERY big man, who grabbed the man with the scar and struck him in
the face with his fist.  A big fight began; it swirled around the room
with Navero in the middle of it; he tried to tell them of the eternal
damnation of their souls that these actions would no doubt assure, but
no one would listen to him.  Finally, a small man in a suit of plate
grabbed Navero and threw him out into the street.

Cavalier: "You stay out here, my good holy man... er, choir boy, er...
     No matter - I and my companions shall sort out this lot of unruly

     The little knight went back inside the inn; there commenced much
sound and fury, signifying nothing.  Bottles and chairs and tables and
people went sailing off into the night, propelled out by the vigorous
activities of those within.  Somewhere in the middle of this, Dania
stumbled out, looking very disheveled, and told Navero in no uncertain
terms never to do anything like that again.

     <censored> church, you <censored> idiot!"

Navero: "But I must!  If I do not, I will have failed my duty to my
     faith.  'One must strike whenever opportunity demands it.'  My
     duty is sacred, and I must not shy from it.  It is my duty to
     bring the light to the world, and save those who are lost."

Dania: "You almost lost your <censored> HEAD!!  And mine, and that
     really <censored> <censored> you <racial slur>.  I ought to..."

     By now, the tavern brawl had pretty much lost its momentum.  Two
figures came out of the tavern, dragging the knight between them.  One
looked like a disreputable mercenary, and the other was a mysteriously
cloaked figure.  The small knight looked a bit woozy, but straightened
out once he realized he was out in public.  There was a dent in his
helmet, but he did not try to explain it.

Cavalier: "Well, that was entertaining.  You there, young priest!  Do
     you know any sorts of healing arts?"

Navero: "Uh...  Well, I trained under Father Angor, who once..."
Cavalier: "Very good!  I am Rourk Ravensbane, knight errant, questing
     through this uncivilized land for high adventure and great deeds
     worthy of my name.  My companions here are a mercenary and this
     other person.  We will have the need of a healer, as we are going
     north to seek an Orc lair that needs to be emptied.  It shan't be
     much trouble, but your presence would be appreciated, as one of
     the others may have a need of you. There will be riches and glory
     for all involved.  Oh, your little friend there can come along
     too, if she likes."

     And so, the party formed and we went out on our first adventure.
First, we had to get to there, it was a couple of days travel to the
north; but what could possibly happen in a couple of days?

          Navero, 1st level human cleric
          Dania, 1st level half-elf MU
          Rourk, 1st level drow Cavalier
          Rizudo, 1st level human fighter
          "Dark and Deadly", 1st level drow assassin (name unknown)

Dan Parsons                      "But please tell me: What's an Orc?"

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