So you want your station to kick Arbitron butt! You don't need hundreds of thousands of dollars to do that. Just take a look at some of the tactics er... services KRUD uses.

Outdoor Advertising Can't afford billboards in your market. Here's the answer. A proven winner. Guaranteed to make your station the talk of the town. It worked for KRUD.

Ratings Enhancement Tired of being dead last in the ratings? Here's the answer. Go from last place to first in the ratings in just one book! Sound good? It is. KRUD has used this service since we signed on. That's why we don't have to pay our jocks squat.

Remote Broadcast Vehicles If your station is using one of those old beaters left over from engineering for remote broadcasts and you want to step up and run with the big dogs.. check it out. We're very satisfied with ours.

Broadcast Revenue Collection If you have clients that refuse to pay or are slow to pay, then this company is what you're looking for. KRUD Radio has no overdue accounts thanks to this company.

What about your company? Would it be smart to have your company listed here? You better believe it. KRUD Radio is viewed by broadcasters from all over the U.S. and the world daily. Let's face it, an impression is an impression and you and your company are missing the boat. Your company doesn't deal with radio? So what? You want traffic. We got traffic.

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