Real Radio Memos! Yes, they're real, every single one of them. We remove the call letters and names of the individuals involved because it's the only way we can get real memos from you guys. If you've got a classic memo you'd like to share with us, either e-mail it or send it to the address below.

Please share your memos with us. Just send us an e-mail with the memo or you can mail it to us at the address below.. E-Mail your Real Radio Memo to KRUD or send it to:

KRUD Radio Memos - P.O. Box 823 - Coppell, TX 75019


That's It! No More Microwave Popcorn!

Let's Move The Radio Station.. How 'Bout A Hand?

Smoking Can Be Hazardous To Your Employment

Who Punched Out That CD Player?

Who's Taking The CDs?

The Owner Is Coming To Visit!




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