Welcome to Consultants Corner with Murray The CONsultant. Here you'll be able to ask those burning questions about formats, ratings, air-staff, management, music, TSL, pretty pie-charts and more...WITHOUT having to actually pay a broadcast consultant!

We know this is heresy but KRUD Radio IS on-line as a service to the broadcast community. Be sure and check in often as this is the only place you'll actually get free advice from a radio consultant... So let's get right to a letter from a real broadcaster to Murray The Consultant.

Being Sold, new owners spend NO MONEY.

How come small markets don't pay squat!

We have been saled!

How To Compete Without Money

How To Keep An Oldies Station Fresh

How To Handle New Competition In Your Market

How To Keep Your Morning Team

KRUD Radio Listener Tip There are a two schools of thought when it comes to broadcast consultants.

School of thought A

A CONsu... consultant is an individual whose broadcast expertise is so finely honed that radio stations are willing to pay them thousands of dollars to fly into town, listen to their radio station for a day then write a two page report containing their suggestions for making the radio station "better". These individuals have the ability to instantly absorb and comprehend what is happening in whatever market they are in by the time their baggage comes off the plane and hits the ground. They have a sixth sense the rest of us do not possess. It's got to be some kind supernatural thing.

School of thought B

Many consultants are former DJ's or Program Directors. Some of them actually know what the hell they're talking about... the rest couldn't hack it on the air anymore and had no place else to go after they got booted out of their last job.. so they placed an ad in one of the industry trades proclaiming they were available to consult radio stations all over the country and ... well P. T. Barnum said it best....

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