Aren't you tired of the phrase Cool Site? That's got to be the most overused phrase on the net. Excuse us but..we think if it's radio related it should be a "Hot Site".. as in Radioactive.

Broadcast related sites are listed below. We'll add new links as we find them. There are some outstanding links on the net for us radio types. We will put those which we feel are the most radioactive, that is to say HOT, at the top of the list and place the KRUD Hot Site Icon by the link so you'll know it's really something special and worth checkin' out.

E-Mail KRUD Radio if you have a hot radio related site that should be listed here. By the way...the HOT SITE icon was created by KRUD for KRUD... don't rip it off.. if you do.. we'll hunt you down and kill your dog.

Uncle Ricky's Top 40 Radio Repository
Do you remember Top 40 Radio? The fun, formatics, styles, personalities, promotions, production, time-tones, reverb, creativity and pioneers of Top 40 are celebrated here. This wonderful online collection is the continuing and combined effort of those who have found the Repository and have offered something to share. Airchecks of the greatest talents from the Top 40 era. RealAudio.
If you're in radio.. treat this site as a shrine.

440 International
A great radio site. It's kinda' hard to describe. You've got to visit it to understand. How would you like to find out where that famous jock you listened to 20 years ago is today? You can do it here. Visit 440 International and find out where they are today. Show prep, Radio Stories, Job Listings, and more. One of the best.

AudioNet is a one of a kind site. You'll be able to listen to over 70 radio stations from all over the U.S. and Canada. Listen to most of them LIVE! You name the format... they'll probably have it. Music, Talk, News, Sports, Weird, and more! AudioNet based in Dallas, Texas. To listen you must have the RealAudio player. A must visit site!

Radio & Records
Radio & Records ... it's The Industry Newspaper. If you're in the business you know all about it. If you're a listener, here's where you can get a much more detailed look at the business and the movers and shakers in the radio and records biz. There's lots more.. all of it INSIDE. You won't find this one at the supermarket magazine rack. Another must visit site!

All Access Music Group
The radio and record industry's first online daily source of news, new music, artist information, radio programming tips, show prep, and links to other related music and radio web sites. Joel Denver runs this one. Another site you'll want to bookmark.

Corey Deitz's RadioEarth
is a site that is full of great radio information, show prep, industry links, a weekly newsletter, cool stuff like screen savers, and much more. On top of all this Corey is a radio personality. Don't know where he finds all the time for this web stuff.

USRadio This one is a creation of John Rook. USRadio Management, USRadio Sales, USRadio Programming, and more.

Plenty of good stuff here for radio guys, prep, industry stuff, links to hell and highwater.

The Funny Firm contains comedy material and show prep for radio personalites, announcers, writers and public speakers. And yup, it's free!

Radio 411 Some job listings and other radio related stuff here! You could even write your own column and submit it for publication. Go ahead, get it off your chest.

John Boy And Billy's Big Show Site Hey, they're in North Carolina and have a syndicated morning show. Huh? Well done site with lots of stuff for sale.... their stuff. What do you expect from a couple of Mayberry Rejects.

radioactive.gif (1243 bytes) Transmitter Sites From Hell ... what more can you say?  A collection of hard to get to radio station transmitter sites with pictures that will frighten and delight you.

Stations and Sites with links to KRUD we thank with a reciprocal link on this page. If you wish to link to the KRUD Radio site and want a link back, please e-mail us with the URL of your site and where the KRUD Radio link is located on your site.

Radio Stations And Other Radio Trash Dumps

99.5 KPLX Dallas, TX Live cybercast 24 hours a day on the net. Country Music Texas Style!

570 KLIF Dallas, TX Talk Radio for Dallas and Fort Worth. Live 24 hours on the net. Some of the best sports talk in the nation and more!

Young Country Dallas, TX Dallas - Fort Worth's Young Country Station!

95 KVIC - 93.3 KPLV - 1340 KAMG Victoria, TX Looks like they got a lock on the market.


2CR FM in Bournemouth England

The World Famous Buried Alive Show with Princess Carcella

K-ROCK in Austrailia

Into Tomorrow Radio Network

KAGL (The Eagle, 93.3 El Dorado, AR)

WJHO Radio

WVLY Radio

OM/AM-AT at WHLY South Bend Indiana

Radio Works, better knows as Y95 Radio Inc. (KCXY, KAMD, KMGC)

100.5 KGMY My Country One of the first radio stations to actually place the KRUD Radio logo on their home page! Thanks Guys!

Buddy King - Oldies 94.3fm Buddy has a free show prep service for you and he likes KRUD Radio. Thanks Buddy!

KVSC Radio St. Cloud, Minnesota. It's a college station with a good lookin' web-site... and of course a link to KRUD. Those broadcast majors may as well find out what they're in for in the real world of radio.

Brian Michaels Promotions and 7-mid at WIZM Z-93 (CHR) in LaCrosse, WI. (home of the worlds largest 6-pack)

Mike Anderson wrote: No link back is necessary. Just knowing that I singlehandedly have made your pages famous by providing a bit of bandwidth is reward enough. But upon further reflection...if you wanna, link back to us and say The Pinpoint Companies provide business development and research services to radio stations.

Chris Stevens, PD of Deva Radio a small(ish) community radio station in Chester, England. I found your page after browsing the "Mix 106.6" pages, and the site is excellent! So we're now linking to it.

John Rosso of ABC Radio Networks wrote: By the way.. the KRUD cartoons are frighteningly accurate depictions of life at a radio station.

The South's MIX 106.6 on the southern coast of England. Check it out... for something completely different.

WYBR Radio Big Rapids, Michigan. Look at all of it.

Dusty Rhodes in Ireland maintains this one. KRUD radio does have an appeal that knows no international boundaries.

Alternative Rock World Another site you'll want to visit. You country listeners may detour this one.

Chris Lester he likes KRUD what other qulification is needed?

John Mammoser he's a talented dude and has supplied us with lots of bits for the KRUD pages.

If you link to KRUD Radio from your site, please take the small KRUD logo below to "enhance" your page and use it as a clickable link. That goes for you listeners too. If you can we'd really appreciate it! The fun begins now! Spread the word for us cause the transmitter's down!.

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