Look Like You're Somebody!

Make a real impression! Wear the same radio station threads that we wear and people will ask for your autograph, give you free food and booze. Babes will be instantly attracted to you and want you to come back to their place after the show. Promise to play her favorite song and you're in man! You think we're in Radio just for the money?

Picture your name and position over the shirt pocket.
Want to be the Program Director? No problem. Other positions include: Air Personality, Promotions, Sales, Engineering, and even Station Manager! Our custom embroidering gets you the position you've always wanted without the hassle of actually having to work for a radio station!

These are just a few of the benefits of looking like you're in radio!


Get backstage with ease. Nobody stops you when you're wearing official KRUD Radio attire! Combine our stylish KRUD Radio baseball cap with a genuine Levi's denim shirt with the KRUD Logo, your name and position embroidered over the pocket and everyone will think you're on the air and part of the show.

Breeze by security goons wearing our duds and carrying your Walkman, headphones, and a busted cell-phone. No one will doubt that you're "with the station". Hey, we do this all the time! It really works. There's just one more item you'll need....

Genuine KRUD Backstage Passes will soon be available. We can give you all the clothing and credentials you need to get backstage at ANY concert anywhere.

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