Ratings? We don't got no ratings.
We don't need no ratings!
We don't got to show you no stinking ratings!

What's going on here?.... KRUD Radio is every radio station. Seriously, what you will see and hear on these pages is real radio. The KRUD web-site has been set up for broadcasters AND the radio listeners. This site will be of service to those in broadcasting in a number of ways and it will be, shall we say, "an educational experience" for the listeners. You see, we can tell the listeners things that no other radio station would dare....and we will!

Here at KRUD, we are going to spill the beans on the whole crazy business of radio. From the DJ's to Sales, Engineering to Management, Promotions to Research. You'll see and hear radio like you've never seen or heard it before. Why are we doing this? It's really quite simple. We're doing it because we can! Freedom of speech and expression and all that. What a great country!

Listeners: Please note that whenever you see this empowerment symbol it's a warning that important inside radio information is about to be divulged. The empowerment symbol is also an indicator of what most on-air people would like to do to some of you listeners who constantly call the request line and gripe because you haven't heard your song yet. Please..Either Get A Life or Buy The CD!

Through the use of cartoons (and other visual aids), audio, station memos, staff meetings, and more, you'll become a radio insider. You'll learn how to actually win radio contests! You'll learn what the jocks are doing during those long records! You'll learn why radio account executives can sell cars one day and radio ads the next and do a bad job at both! You'll learn how engineers can take a perfectly good audio channel and tweak it until you can't understand a word! You'll learn.....well, you get the idea. Think of this as a continuing education program.

If you are in Radio this site will become important to you. Job openings, Air Talent looking for jobs, and ripping off bits are just a few things that come to mind. The other thing is that KRUD Radio will explain certain things to the listeners in a way that could be hazardous to your health if you tried it on the air. We'll do it for you. We've got nothing to lose. Look, there are times when you want to tell the listeners to go take a flyin' leap. We'll do it for you, that way, you don't get in trouble with management. Please mention this site on the air or direct listeners to it over the request line, etc. (You really will want to do this.) It's going to be a fun site and we look forward to your participation on a number of levels.

If you maintain a web site we would really appreciate a link to KRUD Radio. If your station has a web-site and you link to KRUD Radio from your station web-site, we'll link to your station web-site in return. What an offer, huh? Hey, it's another way for people to find your site. And...it's not like you were promoting the competition. Nobody listens to us.

If you link to KRUD Radio from your site, please take the small KRUD logo below to "enhance" your page and use it as a clickable link. That goes for you listeners too. If you can, we'd really appreciate it! The fun has begun! Spread the word for us cause the transmitter's down!.

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