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" You don't like the songs we play? That's your problem!
Our Music Sucks! Our Jocks Blow! That's your opinion.
Ask me if I care man."
.....Buzz Bently PD KRUD

What the hell is this? KRUD Radio is a web-site for broadcasters, those that want to be broadcasters, those that were broadcasters but couldn't hack it, and those of you that listen to radio. That's just about everyone. Since we couldn't keep listeners out of this web-site we decided to explain radio in a way that those of us in the business will appreciate. Get ready for an in-your-face look at the inside workings of commercial radio in the U.S.

The KRUD Radio Weekly Cartoon is the real centerpiece of this site. Radio is stranger than fiction. We thought that radio deserved a weekly cartoon because anyone in radio will tell you.. "It' s a crazy business!" Since no one was doing one, we decided to do it ourselves.

This Week's KRUD Radio Cartoon

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KRUD Introduction
Why we did this.
This Week's KRUD Cartoon

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Tie My Sneakers...(hick).
What to do with a drunk female in
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Stupid Listener Questions
Listeners.. you can't please 'em
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Could You Be A PD?
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New Station Policies
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Consultants Corner
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Tales From The Trenches
True stories and comments
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Radio Services
How to win on a budget.

Real Radio Memos
Another chance for you
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KRUD Radio Duds
How to look like you're in Radio

Who Created This?
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The KRUD Radio Staff The Contest Pigs Home Page
We knew this would happen.

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There's more to come so please visit KRUD Radio weekly.

"The damn thing really works! I know 'cause I wrote it!"......Jim Tyler

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