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Brian Wilson knew he was destined for the spotlight since he was a child, he just wasn't sure how he was going to get there.Would he be a musician? A photographer? A cartoonist perhaps...It was playing goaltender for a local hockey team as a teenager that provided enough direct blows to the head to make him an outstanding candidate for broadcasting.

The long, tragic decline into radio started quite by accident when he was in college. A very attractive teacher offered Brian a job at a local radio station, to which he enthusiastically accepted. It was only after the fourth Fleetwood Mac song he realized she had actually said "DJ", not "BJ".

That was KWPR in Claremore Oklahoma (K-William-Penn-Rogers, Will Rogers, get it? Will was born in Claremore...well actually Oologah, but that's another story). KWPR was a pissant 500 watt vacuum on the AM dial that allowed Brian the opportunity to develop his craft, since no one was listening anyway.In his desperate attempt to get attention, he started making fake commercials, song parodies, bogus contests and signed off every night at sundown, not by playing the national anthem, but rather playing the "Battle Hymn of the Republic" on a kazoo.

One day, the program director of a Tulsa radio station was listening to Paul Harvey on his car radio when atmoshperic conditions caused KWPR's signal to skip all the way to Tulsa, overpowering Paul Harvey with the sound of Ted Nugent's "Inexhaustible Quest for the Cosmic Cabbage". In outrage, the program director called Brian's station to find out what moron was responsible for interrupting Paul Harvey. He got even with Brian immediately by hiring him. That station was KMOD-FM, and he statyed there on and off from 1977 to 1985.

From there came Y-95 in Dallas, where he worked off air as Creative Services Director and Morning Show Producer. It was at Y-95 that he started getting national attention for his work, including a song parody of Bobby McFerrin "Life's Crappy" that went top ten in 50 markets.

In 1989, Brian followed his muse to Los Angeles to start up KQLZ "Pirate Radio" with Scott Shannon. It only took 7 months for him to realize his muse was full of shit, and went back to Y-95.

He stayed at Y-95 through 3 more format changes, and was out on his ass with the rest of the staff when the station sold in 1992. Brian moved into another Creative Services gig, and ultimately Program Director of USA Overnight, a nationally syndicated program. It was a fabulous product that was woefully managed and underfunded. USA ceased operations in 1994.

Until recently, Brian was "The Avenging God of the Production Universe" at KPLX/KLIF (except on weekends when he is "The Avenging God of the Fire Ant Mounds") and lived quietly with his hot babe of a wife and two Shih-Tzus in north Fort Worth, Texas.

News Flash June 1997

Now Brian resides in Tulsa, Oklahoma. He has set up a killer studio in his home, complete with ISDN capability and is ready to go to work producing killer audio product for your station or company. He's got the keyboards, the synthesizers, the samplers, the computers, indoor plumbing and the talent.

Brian is an accomplished musician, published photographer and artist, and has won far too many stupid awards for his work to mention.

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Jim Tyler got started in radio in 1965 while he was in high school in a small town in Virginia. It's been downhill ever since. If it hadn't been for Vietnam he might have gone to college and had a real job by now. He currently works half the midday shift at KPLX in Dallas..half because he only works from 10am to 1pm...the midday shift is actually from 10am to 3pm...go figure.

UPDATE!!! August 1997:
Jim now works from 9am to 12 noon at KPLX.... so now he's doing one fourth of the morning show and two fifths of middays... and he's getting one fourth of a morning salary.. bummer. In additon, if either daypart drops in the ratings.. he'll get the blame.

Like most guys in radio, Jim's been around. He's worked in Sacramento CA, Henderson NC, Fayetteville NC, Birmingham AL, Norfolk VA, Atlanta GA, Kansas City MO, Chicago IL, Memphis TN, then he wound up in Dallas, Texas. He's been there for the last 10 years. Figure that one out. He shoulda' been fired by now.

UPDATE!!! February 1998:
Jim now works from 3pm to 7pm at KPLX... so now Jim never get's to have dinner with his family, go to his kid's soccer games, take those long afternoon rides on the Harley, Etc... but hey! It's PM Drive in one of the largest markets in the country... he'll still get the blame if ratings in fall in the mornings... it's the way radio works.

He's never won any awards like Brian. He's an ex-morning man. As a matter of fact, when Rick Dees left WSGN in Birmingham, AL it was Jim who took over the morning show and watched the ratings zoom to rock bottom. Now you know why he's an ex-morning man.


Jim created the first affordable paperless studio system back in 1985. It was called SIS, an acronymn for Studio Information System. His latest system is called OASIS, an acronymn for ON AIR Studio Information System. He also wrote TalkStar, a call screening system in use by some of the biggest stations and names (Rush) in the business. You can check out both systems at The ON AIR Software Site If any of you PD types are lookin' for software to handle liners, contests, Etc. without all the paper you should check out OASIS.

By the way...this whole KRUD Radio thing was Jim's idea.

He wanted to be a cartoonist when he was in high school and got sucked into radio. Those of you in radio know how this business can destroy what could have been a productive life. At any rate, Jim had the idea to create a web site about radio for fun. He just couldn't draw worth a damn and found out Brian could draw by accident when he was telling Brian about the concept of KRUD Radio.

Since both Brian and Jim have years of experience in the business.... They've got a lot to "draw" from. They sit down and just talk about the weird, crazy stuff that has happened to them in broadcasting and come up with the pages that you see at this site. Brian is the cartoonist and Jim does all the computer coding, maintains the site, and trys to keep Brian's art and language under control.

Jim doesn't like to talk about himself much..says there's nothin' to tell. He's probably right. If we find out anymore about him we'll put it here. But don't hold your breath.

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